Changing the Culture


Currently, the Auditor General is often not serving his major role as the Commonwealth’s fiscal watchdog. Instead, the office has chosen to take on pet projects outside of the Auditor’s purview. As an example, our current Auditor General has been using his office to advocate for reforms that combat climate change!


The Auditor General’s office has become politicized and a tool by some elected officials to circumvent the legislative process. That culture must change. As your next Auditor General, Dennis’ focus will solely be on the powers and responsibilities provided to the office. Most notably, he will ensure that taxpayer dollars are used properly and efficiently.





All of the statewide government positions currently in Harrisburg are being held by Democrats who have supported one another’s campaigns. With no Republican representation in these critical offices and the FBI now investigating the Wolf Administration, lack of accountability is a serious concern.


Dennis has made accountability a priority of Lancaster County government. Recently, he took on a member of his own Party over their inappropriate use of tax dollars. We need an Auditor General who will look out for taxpayers, not political allies.





A cornerstone of good government is transparency. The people of Pennsylvania deserve to know how their hard-earned tax dollars are being spent.


Under Dennis’s leadership, Lancaster County has made more records accessible to the public. Whether it is making budget information on the website easier to find, or improving the right-to-know process, he has been a consistent advocate for transparency. He will do the same as Auditor General.



Leading by Example


Dennis isn’t running for Auditor General to use it as a stepping-stone for higher office, and he isn’t doing it because he needs a job. He is running because he believes strong public service and delivering good government isn’t just a talking point, but a real possibility.


That is why Dennis has pledged to turn down the pension and benefits that come with the office. For the next Auditor General of Pennsylvania, taxpayers deserve someone who will lead by example. Dennis will do just that.



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