Dennis was born and raised in Bedford County. A Penn State University graduate, he is a lifelong registered Republican who has spent his entire life in central Pennsylvania.


After a successful business career, Dennis was elected Lancaster County Controller in 2001, where he served as the fiscal watchdog of a county with an over $200 million dollar budget. In 2007, he ran for Lancaster County Commissioner where he has served the last 12 years and maintained a strong conservative record.


He currently lives in Lancaster County with his wife, Mary Ann. Dennis and Mary Ann are members of the Lititz United Methodist Church. They are proud parents of two, Jennifer and Paul. And they are grandparents of four, Madison, Owen, Alyssa, and Alex.


Shares our Values


Dennis grew up in a blue-collar family. His mother worked in a hardware store, and his father worked as a custodian. He was raised with the values of hard work, individual responsibility, and fiscal discipline.


Dennis knows how hard people across the state work for their money, and believes they deserve an Auditor General who will look out for their tax dollars. State government should be run efficiently, and your tax dollars must be put to good use. Tax dollars should go to programs and projects that work, without waste, fraud, and abuse.

Private Sector Experience


After graduating from Penn State with a degree in Business Administration, Dennis spent over 20 years in the private sector. Working at New Holland (now known as CNH), Dennis provided general accounting, Retail Store and Dealer Development accounting, and cash management.


In the private sector, there is always a sense of urgency for innovation and process improvement to increase efficiency. Dennis feels government should operate the same way, and he will use his private sector experience to help make state government better.


Proven Record


As a former Controller and County Commissioner in Lancaster County, Dennis has a proven record of strong, conservative leadership. The work of Dennis and his team in Lancaster County have helped make it one of the most prosperous, fastest growing counties in the state.


Under his leadership, county government eliminated bureaucracy that has saved taxpayers $500,000 a year. He has been a bold advocate for paycheck protection to protect workers. And his work managing Lancaster County finances have helped the county avoid tax increases 11 of the past 12 years.


Dennis and the team have accomplished good government in Lancaster County. As your next Auditor General, he will bring that same attitude to Harrisburg.

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